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Traffic cop dies after motorist drags, runs over him in Mombasa



By Wanja Waweru

A police officer was Monday evening killed in an accident involving a motorist in Mombasa.

This is after the motorist trapped the officer’s hand and drove off with his body hanging for almost 200 meters.

The officer was later run over by the rear wheel of the same car and died on the spot.

The cop was manning Buxton Junction, according to the police, when the incident occurred at around 4.30 p.m. in Mombasa.

He signaled a salon vehicle for a routine traffic check with his coworkers. At that moment, the area frequently experiences heavy traffic congestion.

The motorist was then instructed to turn off the engine so that the police could inspect his vehicle.

Police claim that when the driver refused to turn off the engine, the officer attempted to enter the driver’s door in order to turn off the ignition.

The driver reportedly attempted to pull the officer into his car at that point, according to police who were on the scene.

He then changed gear, accelerated, and dragged the cop who was hanging outside.

Before falling to the ground on the tarmac, the officer hung on to the vehicle as the driver sped away.

At that point, Marwa was struck on the head by the car’s back right wheel.

Prior to being taken to Jocham hospital, where he was later declared dead, according to the police, he had sustained numerous injuries

The motorist sped off, but he or she was later located in a parking lot’s basement.

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He was allegedly discovered locked inside the vehicle and subsequently taken into custody, according to the police.

Police chief for the Coast Regional Division, Titus Karuri, stated that they are looking into the incident’s cause.

He claimed that his detectives were questioning the suspect in an effort to learn more about his motivations.

Police stated that they are looking into a possible murder in the event and are trying to determine whether the man planned it out beforehand.

Later, the vehicle was taken to the Makupa police station for additional police action.

Another senior officer in the region stated, “Such actions convey a bad signal and we don’t know the motive at this time.

In an effort to learn more, police teams intended to investigate the driver’s home.


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