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Tumiso defends her mother Wahu after she was body-shamed online



By Wanja Waweru

Tumiso Mathenge, the celebrity couple Nameless and Wahu’s daughter, defended her mother after some of her followers publicly body shamed her online.

Tumi questioned why her mother was still being body shamed months after giving birth to her third daughter in a social media post.

Tumi advised people to give Wahu a break and recognize that she recently had birth, which is why she has changed.

“I find it really sad that it is women who are talking about her body. Honestly (I) expected better from us and she literally just had a baby. You guys need to grow up for real,” Tumiso said in her Insta-stories.

Wahu tweeted a photo of herself sharing her opinions during a meeting of the recently appointed Talanta Hela Creative Technical Committee, which sparked the body-shaming.

Wahu was one of the famous people chosen to serve on the committee. Others include Kate Actress, Jimi Gathu, Azziad Nasenya, Churchill (Daniel Ndambuki), and Akothee.

The committee’s goal is to put up solid proposals for efficient, transparent ways for collecting and disbursing royalties to all creatives. It will also suggest frameworks for putting the creative economy plan into action.

Churchill serves as the committee’s chair.

Shiru, Wahu’s third daughter, was recently born. Wahu claimed after giving birth that she had been advised that having a third kid would be risky but she persisted because she wanted to.

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