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Two Kenyans in Atlanta launch Giggzy, an app to help you manage and monitor your projects in Kenya while away




Generally, Africans, especially those in Africa, assume that those in the Diaspora live and work
in Eldorado.

They nurse this ugly notion that my brother abroad picks money on the floor of this
developed nation and countries, so any attempt by those in the Diaspora to start a project at home
they see this is an ample opportunity to milk-dry and defraud them.

Many Africans, especially Kenyans that are “trustworthy”, have been betrayed the trust reposed
in them by those in the Diaspora. Monies sent to the projects have since been diverted to
personal use.

In order not to be at the mercy of these scammers, Gigzzy has been launched. This is an
application that makes project monitoring fun. The APP helps the Diasporans manage their
investment back home at peace.

The App enables the users to post projects, create project milestones and also be able to access
thousands of highly vetted, monitored, trustworthy, tested local service providers.

1. Over Priced Projects
Some projects are intentionally overpriced; this is what the handlers of the project do to make
extra money apart from their profits. This App Gigzzy makes access to providers of materials
and even labour easy; access to these local service providers will reduce the money charged.

The inability to access credible service providers is a significant problem for the Kenya Diaspora
community. Many people can’t come down to Africa because of a tight schedule; they have little
or limited access to credible service providers. Gigzzy has been launched to put a final stop to
this ugly trend.

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Friends and relatives are put in charge of investment by the Kenya Diaspora community, and
even individuals swindle at will. We have heard so many cases the money sent will be used to do
other things.

To make life easy for Kenya Diaspora Community dwellers and individuals living abroad who
want to invest back home, Pete Muthoga and his co-founders launched a new platform that
connects the diaspora communities or individuals to trusted, tested and vetted service providers.

The App enables them to post a project, create project milestones and also be able to access
thousands of highly vetted local service providers.

Kenya Diaspora community
Kenyans live in almost all countries of the world, especially In the United States of America
(USA) and Canada. Gigzzy is ready and available to work with communities of Kenyans living
abroad who would support socio-economic development. They can now register as individuals or
as a company to engage the services of Gigzzy.

Gigzzy as a platform will connect customers to trusted service providers. Another thing to note is
that Gigzzy only provides service providers that are verified and high-quality professionals.
What Diaspora communities or individuals will be required to do to benefit from Gigzzy will be:
1. Signup and complete registration
2. Post a job or project
3. Accept quotes from the service provider(s)
4. Payment is processed after job completion
So the Service Provider, on the other hand, will be required to do the following:
1. Signup and complete registration
2. Go online to receive notifications on relevant jobs and projects
3. Respond to the job or project with your quote
4. Accept the job or project
5. Start the job or project
6. Report on the status or milestones of the job or project
7. Customer signs off on job or project completion

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As a service charge, Gigzzy deducts a commission from the total job or project cost you are paid.
No more lead charges for positions that you don’t get!
Project Management
Gigzzy App is the best platform in town for managing your cross border projects with total peace
of mind. The App works to match customers with a services provider who will work within your

After you have signed up and completed registrations, you will be allowed to post a job or
project, which can also be project milestones. The milestones represent a precise sequence of
events that build incrementally until your project is complete.

So you will receive quotations of
the cost implication from the service provider, and payment will be processed once the job is
completed, or you will be required to pay after each milestone is achieved.

With Gigzzy, you will be able to manage your project successfully.
The Following are the Professional Services that will be available on the Gigzzy App:
1. Bogs and analysis
2. Construction services
3. Legal Services
4. Accounting services
5. Land Surveys services and
6. Permit Services
Other services include Cleaning, Plumbing, Gas delivery, Water Truck delivery, Bottled water,
Electricals and Connection.

Gigzzy is an online marketplace that will connect consumers with service providers for essential
home and business services. Gigzzy will manage your cross border projects with total peace of
mind, and not just that, it will match you with the right professional within your budget. These
professionals are verified, background checked and of high quality.
This platform is now launched, and you no longer need to be swindled by friends and families
for your projects.

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Visit to get started with them today.

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