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Ugandans complain about their country to Kenyan journalist Larry Madowo



By Wanja Waweru

A group of Ugandans have voiced complaints to Larry Madowo, the host of African Voices Changemakers and a Kenyan correspondent for CNN International.

The complaints started when Larry Madowo posted on his social media platforms that he was in Uganda and inquired as to whether it was the best metropolis in all of Africa.

“Greetings from Kampala – Africa’s greatest city?” Larry Madowo posed the question.

He shared a photo of Kampala’s skyline with large tracts of land being green with huge leafy trees as he also asked his followers, “Why can’t your city be this green?”

While his Kenyan compatriots joked that they would report him to Kenyan authorities for praising other cities instead of his own home. Coincidentally, Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja responded to Larry’s quip by saying, “Larry… 🤷‍♂️,” to which the journalist responded by telling the Governor, “Usiwahi (Don’t) tense.”

Ugandans later on in the comments praised and criticized their metropolis. The following are some of the drawbacks Ugandans complained to Larry Madowo about their country, known as the “Pearl of Africa” for its beauty, abundance of wildlife, and variety in both scenery and culture.

“Welcome to my motherland where opposing govt with a dissenting view is terrorism, homosexuality, taboo, etc etc,” said Moses Walugembe, a renowned Ugandan reporter.

“Am Ugandan, but this lie of kampala being Africa’s greatest city should stop. Let’s not try to impress the pay cheque,” added Wandera Wamushya.

“Yeah the views and the food are awesome but the bodas are something else,” opined HerMerix.

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“😂 Nothing’s great about Kampala but Nairobi is💯,” said Mumangi.

“A city that looks like a village. Imagine slums in the middle of the city and you call that a city???” asked Samuel Saira

“I am a Ugandan who has ever traveled to Nairobi and all I can say is Kampala isn’t Africa’s greatest city,” added @Elbito_Guzzman.

“Kampala wd be among da first 20 cities in Africa bt Poor roads Boda bodas Insecurity “u can’t tok on fone at nite” Poor drainage Bad governance(traffic not in order),” said Shaban K Moore.

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