Uproar as Kenyan government defends spending Shs1.5 Billion to remodel State House and lodges



Kenya’s State House Comptroller Katoo Ole Metito has defended the allocation of Ksh.1.5 billion for the refurbishment of State House and State lodges for the financial year 2024/2025.

During his presentation of the budget policy statement before the National Assembly Security and Administration Committee, Ole Metito emphasized that the renovation works for the Nairobi and Nakuru State Houses were long overdue.

He explained that a major uplift of the presidential residences had not been done for a considerable period and that an additional Ksh.6.2 billion is required to complete the refurbishment process.

“To achieve the set targets, State House requested Ksh.16 million to fund the State House Affairs Programme in FY 2024/25. However, the allocation in the Budget Policy Statement is Ksh.9 million,” he stated. “There is, therefore, a likelihood that State House may not achieve the planned targets due to the underfunding of Ksh.6 million.”

Ole Metito’s remarks followed a query by Controller of Budget Dr. Margaret Nyakang’o regarding the government’s expenditure of Ksh.51 billion in six months without approval from her office and the National Assembly.

Among the expenditures incurred under this provision are the renovations at State House, where Ksh.700 million was accessed for the construction of a modern presidential dais. Additionally, Ksh.400 million was allocated to State House in July for the purchase of motor vehicles.

A cross section of Kenyans were of the view that the money could be used for “a more worth cause.”

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