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US ambassador to Kenya Meg Whiteman crowned Luo queen, given local name



Meg Whitman, the US ambassador to Kenya, visited Homa Bay County and came away with a Luo name.

When Ms. Whitman visited the county on November 8, 2023, to inquire on the progress the devolved unit had achieved over the years, she took on the new name.

We’ll call her Anyango from now on, which suggests that she was born at noon.

The emissary received further titles of authority, such as a black whisk, and was anointed as a Luo queen.

As she sat down in a chair, the female county leaders conducting the ritual placed a ligisa (crown) made of bids on her head.

Governor Gladys Wanga, who hosted her at the coronation, remarked that the county had been anticipating this day.

“I don’t remember the last time an American ambassador visited us in Homa Bay. So this is very significant for us,” she said.

The ambassador was formally accepted into the Luo clan by the county head.

It was Ms. Whitman’s first trip to Homa Bay.

She claimed that throughout all of her time in the nation, she had never experienced such enjoyment as she did at Homa Bay.

She was talking about the dancing sessions she had started as soon as her plane landed on Wednesday afternoon at the runway in Kabunde.

Traditional dancers from Kagan Kochia greeted her at the airfield.

The ambassador danced there with Ms. Wanga and other county representatives.

Afterwards, they went to an Arujo cotton field where Ms. Whitman was shown around the cultivation process.

Later that evening, Ms. Wanga sent the ambassador a dinner invitation at Homa Bay town’s Genowa Park, where they were being entertained by a live band.

It was at this place that the ambassador continued her dance.

She described the experience as the best since she started working in the country.’

“This is the best fan I have had in Kenya since I got here. The whole dancing thing is great,” Ms Whitman said.

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County News

VIDEO: Police seize 625kg of explosives at Kenya-Tanzania border



Sixty-five kg of explosives in transit were found by police in Migori County; they are thought to have originated in neighboring Tanzania.

Two foreigners were caught by Migori County Police Commander Francis Nguli and his crew carrying 25 cartons of banned explosives, which are estimated to be worth Sh9.3 million.

Nguli stated at the Migori police station that the explosives were probably intended for use in illicit mining.

He continued by saying that it was thought the suspects had entered the nation illegally and were transferring the materials without the Ministry of Mining’s license paperwork.

According to the police commander, the two were being held at the Migori police station and will face charges following in-depth inquiries.



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County News

VIDEO: Near disaster as lorry driver attempts to cross flooded river



A truck driver in Tharaka Constituency was put in a difficult situation when the truck he was operating became lodged in the middle of a culvert where the Gituma River had overflowed.

The road between Marimanti and Chiakariga towns was blocked, causing traffic to be paralyzed, as the river had risen past its normal limit.

El Niño’s torrential rains have resulted in multiple instances of flooding across the nation.

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County News

Man arrested in Murang’a ferrying slaughtered donkeys to Kayole



Marura village residents in Kamahoha, Murang’a County, were horrified to see more than thirty dead donkeys in a neighbor’s home.

They found this out when they were assisting in pushing a van that was removing some meat from the residence after it became stuck in the mud.

They believe this has been happening for a while.

Gitonga Murungi, the Assistant Police Commissioner for Maragua, claims that the van’s driver disclosed that, upon being apprehended, they were transporting the killed donkeys to the Kayole neighborhood of Nairobi.

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