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US-based man murdered in Nyamira had two wives, documents reveal



By Wanja Waweru

New details have come to light in the savage killings of American-Kenyan Edward Morema Nyagechi, 65, and his Kenyan wife, Ms. Mong’ina Morema, 60, in their house in Nyamakoroto, Nyamira County.

Morema was still legally married to Mong’ina in Kenya but residing with Irene Pamela Omayio, a woman he had married in the US.According to documents we have, Mr. Morema and Ms. Omayio were married on May 15, 2015, in Minnesota, and they co-owned property in Anoka County.

The couple got married in Olmsted County, Minnesota, and received marriage license number 150522E5BAG.

The name Morema was added by Ms. Omayio to her own. Yet he gave his first spouse his last name, Nyagechi (the family name).

Only four years had passed after Mr. Morema’s divorce from Ms. Jill Lucille Nyagechi, 64, before the second marriage took place in the United States.

After 8 years of marriage, Mr. Morema divorced Ms. Nyagechi, his first American wife.

According to court records in our possession, Mr. Morema requested a dissolution of his marriage to Ms. Nyagechi without children on June 6, 2011.

Justice Burke Kevin S. was the judicial officer assigned to the case, which took place in Hennepin County.

Also, it has come to light that the late Mr. Morema and Ms. Omayio jointly possess a home in the county of Anoka in Minnesota, USA.

The couple, both US citizens, filed for the ownership of the homestead on June 11, 2019, they did not issue any foreign contacts.

The Department of Revenue, which taxes the properties, is from Minnesota and the document indicates that they bought it for Sh 35, 996, 669.

Locals in Mr. Morema’s Nyamakoroto village home were left with many unanswered questions following his passing.

The couple was killed inside their mansion, which has now been designated a crime scene, and authorities in Nyamira are now attempting to put together their final moments.

Two people, including a housegirl and a farm worker, have already been interrogated about the savage killing of the couple and provided police with recorded testimony.

The two claimed in their account to the authorities that a stranger had visited them the night Mr. Morema and Ms. Mong’ina died.

The visitor joined the couple for dinner as they talked, and the house girl left and went to sleep, leaving behind the couple and their guest.

The farm hand, said that he rarely enters the house, and when he was served supper, he ate, closed the gate, and retired to bed after a busy day on the farm.

Masaba North Sub-County Police boss Robert Ndambiri in an earlier interview, said that investigations into the matter had started.

According to Mr Ndambiri, the deceased persons seemed to have been hit with a blunt object on their heads.

The bodies also had stab wounds on other parts of the body.

“We are trying to establish how the attackers got into their house because there was no breakage. We have arrested two people as we commence our investigations. They are a housemaid who used to live with the deceased in their single-storey house and a farm hand,” Mr Ndambiri said.

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