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VIDEO: US citizens traveling to Brazil must show their bank statements, pay $81 for visa



Travelers planning a trip to a Latin American destination in 2025 will need more than just a passport. Brazil is set to implement a new visa program, requiring visitors from the US, Canada, and Australia to provide bank statements and pay for a visa. The visa will cost $80.90 and be valid for multiple entries over ten years, with a maximum stay of 90 days per year.

Previously, US travelers had to obtain visas before 2019, but the requirement was temporarily removed to boost tourism. The e-visa system was introduced a year before the requirement was reinstated. To obtain a visa, travelers will need to show proof of residence, return tickets, and income of at least $2,000, or have a sponsor.

The visa application process for Brazilians visiting the US also requires financial proof and a visa appointment, costing $185. Processing times for the Brazil visa system are around five working days, so travelers are advised to apply at least two months before their departure date.

While visa systems may seem complex, they often operate based on reciprocity, and the situation is no different for Brazilians traveling to the US – in fact, it’s even more challenging. Currently, nearly all Brazilian citizens must schedule a visa appointment at their nearest embassy and demonstrate that they have the financial means to cover their entire proposed trip. The visa fee for the US, even for transit purposes, is $185.

The processing times for the Brazil visa system typically average around five working days, although VFS, the company handling applications, “strongly recommends” applying two months ahead of travel to avoid any delays or issues.

In 2023, Brazil welcomed nearly six million arrivals, with 483,000 US citizens visiting in the first nine months of the year alone. This makes US visitors the second-largest group after Argentinians, according to travel trade publication TravelPulse.



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