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US court to rule on Dorothy Ong’era’s case




A court in Texas, USA, will this week convene to determine the next of kin who would be handed over the remains, Dorothy Ong’era who died under mysterious circumstances.

Ms Ongera is a Kenyan woman whose death has elicited a protracted court battle with her father demanding to know the cause of her death.

Ms Ong’era, a mother of six, died in December 2020, almost one year ago.

David Ong’era, her father is now is a court battle with the man she cohabited with , Mr Obadiah Kinara.

Mr Ong’era’s has resisted demands for the exhumation of his daughter’s body for a post-mortem to determine the cause of her death.

The court battle was initiated by Mr Ong’era after Mr Kinara rejected his demands for an independent autopsy following the mysterious death of his daughter.

Mr Kinara secretly buried Dorothy without involving her parents who live in the same Tarrant County, Texas.

In an order seen by Nation.Africa, Tarrant County Judge Brooke Allen, directed the parties to present their submissions, disclose their witnesses and expert authority before the matter is determined.

“On September 10, 2021, the Court of Appeals, Send Appellate District of Texas at Fort Worth denied the petition for writ of mandamus. No other appellate documents were filed,” read the order from the court.

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