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US manager fundraises money for Kenyan to attend elder brother’s funeral 



A manager in the US created a GoFundMe website to ask for donations so that his favorite employee, a Kenyan, could travel to home to attend the funeral of his older brother.

Sunrise Senior Living employee Daniel Flick wrote in a post on Wednesday, February 8, that the organization was willing to give the employee named Paul Ksh112,500 ($900) toward round-trip travel expenses.

However, he clarified that an extra Ksh375,000 ($3,000) was required to meet his employee’s needs.

Paul’s brother passed away at the age of 40, after catching malaria, but he was unable to come home after spending two years overseas.

“One of my exemplary employees is from Kenya. His brother recently passed away from a case of malaria. I’m trying to raise money for him so he can go back to Kenya to be with his wife, child, and family to mourn the loss of his older brother who was only 40 years old at the time of his death.

“My company, Sunrise Senior Living will donate approximately $900 to help with the round trip airfare but we need to raise an additional $3000 to cover the rest of the airfare and to give Paul money to help with the funeral and other items on his way to Kenya and back to the US,” explained Flick.

He further showed praise for Paul’s work ethic noting that he was always ready to perform any task assigned to him with grace.

“Paul is one of the best employees I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I have worked with Paul for two years and he always has a smile on his face and is never in a bad mood.

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“He will do anything you ask and more. If Paul sees something that needs to be done, he just does it. No questions asked,” he added.

Flick further explained that if his company was in a position to foot the entire bill, it would have settled it.

His GoFundMe request has, so far, only raised Ksh71,932.

According to Kenya’s national carrier, Kenya Airways, which enjoys a direct flight to the United States, one-way plane tickets range between Ksh90,000 and Ksh146,000.

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