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US Police launch probe on mentally ill Kenyan’s death



By Wanja Waweru

Police in the US opened an inquiry after a Kenyan passed away while being admitted to a hospital.

Irvo N. Otieno, 28, is reported to have died while being confined to Dinwiddie County’s Central State Hospital.

The deceased was being transported to the hospital because of a mental health emergency while still an inmate and had been accused with multiple crimes.

A prisoner must be in handcuffs and shackles before being transported by police, according to the local media.

Otieno reportedly started to fight while being admitted, according to state authorities. Police stated in a statement that he was restrained and subsequently passed away.

At 4:30 p.m., local county paramedics were summoned to the scene and attempted resuscitation; however, the patient was declared deceased at the scene.


Otieno’s body was moved to the Office of Chief Medical Examiner in Richmond for an examination and autopsy.

“The investigation remains ongoing at this time,” the statement added.

Otieno had been arrested on March 3 in Henrico on charges of disorderly conduct at a hospital, destruction of property and three counts of assaulting a law enforcement officer for offenses that occurred that same day.

He was held at Henrico Jail until he was transferred to Central State, a maximum-security psychiatric facility run by the state.

Local officers said that they have investigated everything up until the transport and there are no issues with any of their actions.

“They handled things properly and from my personal point of view, they went above and beyond.”

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The transport was carried out by four officers, who are still on duty.

Otieno’s family is in their minds during this trying time, according to representatives of the Department of Behavioral Health, which is in charge of Central State.

They also said they are cooperating with the investigation.

According to state police officials, the Virginia State Police Bureau of Criminal Investigations investigation is still continuing.


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