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US, UK warn of possible terror attack in Nairobi, Kenya reacts



The Kenyan government referred to the terror alerts issued by the US and the UK as “completely unfortunate” but advised Kenyans to stay watchful even as it acknowledged the country’s victory over al-Shabaab.

Dr. Korir Sing’oei, principal secretary for foreign affairs, claimed that Kenya was having great success in its fight against the terrorist organization linked to al-Qaeda.

“Unilateral terror alerts are completely unfortunate but the circumstances under which they have been issued is due to pressure Al-Shabaab are feeling in Somalia from the combined efforts of Somali administration, community and our troops. They are actually on the run and it is believed that some may have crossed into our borders,” Dr Sing’oei said.

He went on: “Therefore, the basis of that kind of intelligence is what has led to pre-cautionary terror alerts. It is not a red alert on an impeding thing. This is just to make people aware of their environment like over-crowded places. The effect of this alert is that this administration has beefed up security levels in critical installations like public places.”

The US and the UK warned that terrorist organizations could stage attacks with little or no notice, focusing on populous places, through their embassies in Nairobi.

The US has identified high-traffic areas in Nairobi and other parts of Kenya that are popular with foreigners and tourists as potential targets for terrorist organizations.

“Terrorist groups could attack with little or no warning, targeting hotels, embassies, restaurants, malls and markets, schools, police stations, places of worship, and other places frequented by foreigners and tourists,” part of the statement reads.

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And Britain, in its periodic updates on travel advice, cautioned its nationals to be extremely vigilant in the areas mentioned in the US advisory.

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