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Vera Sidika: I had sex in hospital



If you thought that you were done being shocked by socialite Vera Sidika, then prepare for your jaw to drop after she shared one of the weirdest things she’s ever done.

Vera was responding to a fan during a question-and-answer session she’d initiated on Instagram stories.

One fan asked her to share one of the weirdest things she’d ever done and she responded by saying she once had sex in a hospital.

“The weird place you have ever had sex,” asked a fan.

She responded, “Well maybe not weird, in a hospital.”

But the socialite stopped short of substantiating how the romantic act happened.

Vera also opened up about her previous relationship with the unidentified doctor whom she dated after breaking up with singer Otile Brown.

She said that it was one of the worst experiences she’d ever had adding the doctor did despicable things.

“Saddest thing about this relationship is that people thought he was the most innocent, decent person I have ever dated. I did until the real person unveiled. The things I went through and saw I have never been so shocked in my life,” said Vera Sidika.

“When same mistakes are repeated severally then it means it is a habit that will never change. It’s because of growth and maturity otherwise if I was to post the things I saw and went through y’all would have hated yourselves for thinking it was the best relationship,” she added.

However, her silver lining came in meeting her current partner, coast-based singer Brown Mauzo.

“I used to be the type that said I will never get married. It just wasn’t for me. But when I met bae it was so different. We are best of friends. Never thought marriage would feel so effortless, with the right person of course.”

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