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Canada-based Kenyan Woman Drowns in a Pool While Live-streaming on Facebook



A Canada-based Kenyan nursing student identified as Hellen Wendy has drowned in a swimming pool while live streaming on Facebook.

Wendy was enjoying her off hours in the swimming pool as her audience watched it on the popular social media platform.

At the beginning of the live video, Wendy is heard saying that she was just from work and decided to spend her afternoon in the pool.

“It’s two o’clock here…nimetoka job, niko pool, just having some fun…maji ni baridi…” she says.

After a while, she is heard screaming for help before going silent. It is not until three hours later that a man is  heard talking to a second person in the background before the video ends.

“It looks like a real person…,” the second man is heard saying.

Wendy, who lived in Ontario,  studied nursing at Toronto Metropolitan University.

A typical live Facebook live video allows one to broadcast whatever they are doing and also provides a platform for friends to type written comments.

In the video, Hellen — who has done such streams before — is reading the comments in between taking plunges into the pool. She repeatedly says she is having fun.

Her last appearance is at minute 9:59, after which she ventures into a far end of the pool, never to return. At minute 10:36, she is seen battling the water while screaming.

Her phone keeps filming the lifelessness of the pool and its wavy waters.




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