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VIDEO: CNN reports on British soldiers alleged involvement in sexual assault and murder in Kenya



Recent reports from rural villages approximately 200 kilometers from Nairobi have brought to light disturbing allegations of sexual assault, murder, and other abuses allegedly perpetrated by British soldiers during training exercises in Kenya.

Among the allegations are claims from mothers of mixed-race children who assert that their pregnancies resulted from rape by British soldiers.

Seventeen-year-old Marian Pannalossy is one of the children born under these circumstances. Her mother, Lydia Juma, filed a complaint with the UK military, but the identity of the alleged perpetrator remains unknown. Similar cases continue to emerge in remote villages where the British Army conducts training exercises.

The British Army Training Unit, Kenya (BATUK), headquartered in Nanyuki, is at the center of these allegations and is currently under investigation by Kenya’s Defence, Intelligence, and Foreign Relations committee. Public hearings have been conducted in areas where British troops train, revealing complaints of abuse, exploitation, and sexual assaults from local communities.

The investigation aims to scrutinize BATUK’s activities comprehensively, including accusations of murder, sexual abuse, and environmental damage near its base in Laikipia. The allegations have sparked significant public outrage, prompting the Kenyan government to take decisive action.

The Defence Committee of Kenya’s National Assembly is leading the inquiry, seeking accountability and justice for the reported human rights violations allegedly committed by British soldiers in Kenya. The government has expressed deep concern over the allegations and is committed to uncovering the truth and addressing the issues raised.

The situation continues to develop, and authorities are working diligently to investigate these serious allegations and ensure accountability for any wrongdoing. For further updates on this developing story, please stay tuned.

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