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[VIDEO] How women are being forced to have sex in tea plantations: The true cost of Kenyan tea – BBC



A joint investigation between BBC Africa Eye and Panorama has uncovered “widespread sexual abuse on Kenyan tea farms.”

The plantations in question supply some of the UK’s most popular tea brands including PG Tips, Lipton and Sainsbury’s Red Label.

Women in the East African country say they’ve been forced into sex by their managers while working on plantations which have been owned for decades by two British companies.

BBC’s Africa Eye brings you original, investigative journalism revealing secrets and rooting out injustice in the world’s most complex and exciting continent.

BBC says more than 70 women on Kenyan tea farms, owned for years by two British companies, said they had been sexually abused by their supervisors.

Secret filming showed local bosses, on plantations owned by Unilever and James Finlay & Co, pressuring an undercover reporter for sex.

It is even worse for some as one woman also told the BBC that she had been infected with HIV by her supervisor, after being pressured into having sex with him.

So far, three managers have  been suspended.

“Nothing stays hidden forever,” BBC says.


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