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VIDEO: Is it true that some Kiambu lodging/hotel rooms have hidden CCTV cameras installed?



Unconfirmed reports that some hotels in Kiambu are setting up CCTV cameras in lodgings/hotel rooms to spy to on customers have elicited mixed reacctions among Kenyans .

The idea of placing security cameras in various places in a hotel room may be a touchy subject as it directly touches on one’s privacy.

As the technological age advances, there are many devices that become smaller and ever present in the lives of citizens in countries with machines that are affordable.

Cameras and surveillance equipment may be observed throughout most buildings in the public. However, if these infringe upon the privacy of an individual, this is when they may not be legally placed.

Kiss FM’s Sheilla Kwamboka was among the first people to react. Watch:

Here are some of the reactions;

When placing cameras inside a building, they must be in areas that are only to protect the business from unlawful actions such as theft or destruction of property.

When the equipment is installed in areas that should be considered private such as within a room or a bathroom, this may be considered illegal in many countries.

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