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VIDEO: Just who is this man, Jowie Rabuku Ogolla



Joel Rabuku Ogolla, the son of the late Chief of Defence Forces (CDF) General Francis Ogolla, has recently garnered significant attention on social media platforms.

His emergence into the spotlight occurred when he appeared alongside his family to receive President William Ruto, who visited their Nairobi home to offer condolences. This event, coupled with Joel’s prominent role in the funeral arrangements, has sparked widespread discussion and interest in him.

Joel has been a symbol of strength and grace for his family following the loss of his father. He has made heartfelt statements about his father, encouraging mourners to celebrate his life rather than mourn his passing. Joel has also been vocal about dispelling rumors, including those suggesting a frosty relationship between his father and President Ruto, which he described as cordial.

During the funeral service, Joel addressed mourners, praising his father’s relationship with President Ruto and emphasizing their mutual respect. He also criticized bloggers for insensitive posts about the helicopter crash that claimed his father’s life, calling for sensitivity in reporting such tragedies.

Despite Joel’s efforts to honor his father’s memory and clarify misconceptions, he has faced criticism and scrutiny on social media. Some users have politicized his statements, while others have questioned his motives and actions.

In conclusion, Joel Rabuku Ogolla has become a polarizing figure, attracting both support and criticism in the wake of his father’s death. His role in honoring his father’s legacy and advocating for transparency in investigations into the crash has garnered attention and sparked debate among the public.

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