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VIDEO: Kenyan woman in US tearfully recounts how her sister “snatched” a married man from her and married him



An Arizona-based Kenyan Youtuber has come out to explain why she has not spoken to her younger sister for over 10 years, and why she doesn’t miss her home in Kenya.

Betty AZ – who frequently uploads soliloquy videos of herself speaking on a variety of issues –  claims that her sibling (whose education she claims she helped finance when she lived in the UK) went behind her back and started dating the same man whom Betty herself was dating. They eventually got married and they got two children.

What complicates matters is that the man in question was someone else’s husband, according to Betty who says that although she finds it difficult to forgive her sister, she has forgiven her but will never forget.

She recalls how, when she confronted her sister over the matter, she responded with unprintable insults, including “telling me that I used to sleep with Mzungu’s dogs in the UK.”

“I am so saddened by the fact that after all that, my family embraced the man,” she says.




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