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VIDEO: Kimani Ichung’wa accuses Waihiga Mwaura and Citizen TV of skewed reporting live on set



A popular Kenyan live TV show turned into a verbal duel between the host and one of the guests Tuesday night, with the latter accusing the former – and the station in general – of lacking objectivity.

National Assembly Majority Leader Kimani Ichung’wa, who appeared on Newsnight Show together with Vighiga Senator Godfrey Osotsi, had to be verbally restrained severally as he went all out to accuse the host, Waihiga Mwaura, and the Royal Media Services owned station at large, of bias and lack of objectivity in their reporting.

Ichung’wa, who complained of being interrupted unnecessarily by the host, took issue with what he viewed as skewed reporting when the station aired an investigative report in which the faces of some of the people suspected to have invaded a farm belonging to the family of former Kenyan president Uhuru Kenyatta were ‘unveiled’ but did not do similar stories on “people who attacked and destroyed the common mwananchi’s property and raped women” during the demonstrations called by opposition politician Raila Odinga.

“You should equally do an investigative report on them too,” he said.

Ichungw’a on several ocassions during the show accused the host, Waihiga Mwaura, of bias.

“Waihiga, I watched you on this station yesterday saying that the people who attacked Northlands farm were government sponsored goons. What proof do you have? We know who you support, but plese respect Kenyans.”

“You don’t have to respect Kenya Kwanza…but please respect Kenyans,” he said.

At one point, han agitited Ichung’wa told Mwaura to ask him to leave the set if “all you are interested in is interrupting me before I finish what I am saying.”

Ichungw’a denied allegations that he fanned attacks on the Northlands farm that belongs to former President Uhuru Kenyatta’s family.

He said his now infamous remarks at the weekend prior to the invasion were just a warning to the fourth president against violence should he not cease funding opposition activities.

The legislator instead raised questions on the absence of police officers stationed at the Kenyatta-owned farm, accusing the former Head of State and Mr. Odinga of orchestrating the attack and laying the blame on the Kenya Kwanza administration.

“Kenyans need to ask themselves the curious question, how come the elite policemen who guard Northlands were nowhere to be seen? We have not heard any reports, not from the OCS and OCPD of the stations around Northlands, not from the Inspector General of Police…that is, a distress call to the police for backup,” he stated.

Ichung’wah, while calling on the opposition Azimio to end the protests, said challenges that affect Kenyans have set channels through which they can be addressed.

In an unprecedented act, hundreds of people invaded a parcel of land belonging to the family of former President Uhuru Kenyatta in Kamakis along the Eastern bypass, Nairobi, Monday.

Armed with crude weapons, and unrestrained, they spent the better part of the day inside the Northlands farm, felling trees with power saws, lighting fires and looting.

In scenes which sent shock waves across a city reeling from violent protests staged by Azimio supporters, the goons carried sheep on their shoulders, loading them into waiting cars and motorbikes.

As the goons had field day, logging trees at the farm and carting away sheep, their counterparts in the Azimio protests faced the wrath of riot police who lobbed teargas canisters at them and sprayed them with water.

Demostrations in several towns around the country led to loss of life and destruction of property, according to AFP.

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Nyeri teen arrested with homemade gun, bhang to be charged



By Wanja Waweru

A 19-year-old guy was detained by police in Nyeri County after being discovered in possession of a handmade gun that could fire and marijuana.

The National Police Service (NPS) said in a statement that the young man was detained as a result of a tip from the general public.

“Police officers from Munyange Police Station arrested a 19-year-old suspect after he was found in possession of a home-made pistol, stones of cannabis sativa and rolls of the same. He has been remanded in police custody,” the statement read in part.

The NPS also expressed gratitude to the general public for helping to support community police in the battle against crime and illegal narcotics.

A police officer assigned to the General Service Unit (GSU) was also found in possession of a handmade pistol the day before the teen’s arrest.

A failed heist in Kasarani sub-county led to the arrest of Mr. Graham Ndichu Chege, a GSU officer.

On Monday, May 29, 2023, Nairobi News broke the exclusive that the suspect has been on police radar for more than four months.

Officers worried about an armed gang terrorizing people in Kasarani Sub-County knew when, not if, Mr. Chege would be apprehended.

The suspect was being questioned about more robberies that had occurred nearby, according to an investigator with the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) who is aware of the current inquiries.

“Officers involved in the matter believe that he was the one leading a gang that has been giving the locals in this sub-county a hard time. Plans are also underway to arrest his accomplices,” said the officer, who spoke in confidence as he is not authorised to speak to the media.

According to a police report reviewed by this reporter, Mr. Paul Maina said that three individuals on motorcycles and carrying pistols robbed him at gunpoint of his cell phone at the Cooperative area along Kamiti Road.

“Police officers on foot patrol responded very quickly and with the help of bodaboda riders they chased the suspects to Juja Weighbridge where the suspect’s motorcycle developed mechanical problem and Mr Chege was arrested,” the report reads in part.

As a GSU officer assigned to the GSU Headquarters and Transit Section, Mr. Chege then revealed to the officers that he was to them.

When the police searched him, they discovered a makeshift pistol that they claimed might fire.

“A bloodstained broken knife and a motorcycle with registration number KMFH 031U, make Ranger Black, were recovered,” the police report added.

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Kenyans ranked 87th most unhappy people in the world



The top 20 most miserable persons, according to Hanke’s Annual Misery Index, created by Steve Hanke, modified and ratified by Harvard University, and published by The Wall Street Journal, are listed below.

Inflation, unemployment, and high interest rates are the main causes of these people’s misery.

Zimbabwe, Venezuela, Syria, Lebanon, and Sudan took the top five positions.

Ranked sixth to tenth were Argentina, Yemen, Ukraine, Cuba, and Turkey.

Sri Lanka, Haiti, and Angola were 11th, 12th, and 13th, while Tonga, Ghana, and South Africa were 14th, 15th, and 16th. Ranked 17th to 20th were Suriname, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iran, and Rwanda.

At the bottom of the list in 87th place was Kenya with a misery index of 29.264 and the main factor contributing to its misery was the interest rate on loans.

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Vihiga: Section of Secondary School dorm razed, no injuries



On Tuesday evening, a portion of a dormitory at Ebunangwe Boy’s Secondary School in Vihiga County caught fire.

Billy Maloba, a witness to the incident, estimates that the fire started at 8 o’clock.

“No one was injured in the accident since it happened when the students were doing their night preps in class,” he said.

Ebunangwe is a mixed boarding and day school.

The school has only one dormitory.

“It was raining around that time so it took a while for people to notice the fire,” Maloba, who said he lives a few metres from the school, said.

He claimed that once the fire was put out by the locals, the Vihiga fire department arrived.

Since property with an unknown value was destroyed, the cause of the fire has not yet been identified.

By the time of publication, the school still had not released a statement regarding the incident.

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