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VIDEO: Meet the man who cleans Kinoo pedestrian underpass for free



By Wanja Waweru

Anthony Munyua is surely doing the Lord’s work. Twice a week, the young man takes his makeshift broom and makes his way to a pedestrian underpass in Kinoo, Kiambu County.

The underpass is deserted, with only a handful of people passing through it as many people prefer crossing the crossing the busy highway by dodging the cars.

When Citizen TV paid him a visit, Mr Munyua said people are yet to embrace crossing the road at the designated pedestrian underpass.

He said he started cleaning the underpass in an effort to get the large number of people dodging cars as they cross the busy Nairobi Nakuru highway. They could not use the underpass as it was dirty, dingy and smelly.

” I work on this Kinoo matatu stage and every day I see school kids, women and quite a large number of people attempting to dangerously cross this busy highway, ” he says, ” I would ask a few why they would not use the underpass and many said it was dirty, that’s why I took it upon myself to make sure it is always clean, to encourage people to use it for their own safety.”

He does not get paid for it but welcomes any penny that passersby who see appreciate the great length to which he has taken to rehabilitate the underpass.

Mr Munyua who says he wishes to start a family one day is also appealing to the county government to offer him a job, adding that he will not stop sweeping the pedestrian path even when he is employed as it his passion.

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Vegetable vendors and boda boda riders who see him sweeping have hailed him for the good job.


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