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VIDEO: Mourners force themselves into Prof Magoha’s home



By Wanja Waweru

Hundreds of mourners who accompanied Prof. George Magoha’s remains to his Umiru home on Friday threw rocks at the police as they tried to enter his home

Police guarding the front door were under orders to limit the number of mourners entering the house.

However, they ended up excluding the villagers, who then turned to hurling stones.

The widow was also seen taking charge of the chaotic scene by attempting to stop the violence.

Her Nigerian relatives rushed to pick her up from the scene.

Calm was restored a few minutes later.

At the palatial homestead of the deceased, huge tents were erected ahead of the burial on Saturday.

In order to prevent a stampede at the gate, the police were compelled to throw the gate open wide.

The widow Barbara Odudu Magoha was shocked by the mourners’ behavior and was spotted racing to her husband’s husband’s casket, which was not too far from the scene of the tragedy.

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