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VIDEO: Sarah Kabu confirms her marriage is over, says husband has been supporting two kids from different mothers



Sarah Kabu has confirmed that her marriage to simon Kabu is done and dusted. She spoke on a YouTube show dubbed ‘Tina Lewis The Voice Of EA (East Africa)’.

She said that they have had challenges for the last 10 years and that her 2022 new year resolution was to have a peaceful separation and co-parenting. Being a celebrity couple that young couples admired, she still believe in marriage and it’s a beautiful thing, though it never worked out for her.

“Contrary to popular belief, I have known about Simon’s daughter with another women and his son with a differnt woman for a long time. He has been supporting them all along,” she said.

Last week, in a series of statements on her leaked WhatsApp status posts, Sarah claimed that her kids were being forcefully taken away from her by her husband. Sarah was quite…. until now. Watch:


“In my new year resolution I was feeling like, ‘Do I need to live another year and several years like that?’ But I started discussing with him on a peaceful separation and co-parenting.

One of the things that was worrying me alot, I would not want my break up to inspire other marriages to break up. So that is one thing I was very careful about.”

Sarah went on to reveal that, they have weathered numerous ups and downs for over 10 years since they tied the knot. Hence this was not the first incident nor the first time she was hearing about the daughter.

“We have our good time. Of course he has hurt me. When this incident happened may be some news broke up to the internet at the wrong time when we were handling an incident where I was in distress. People thought this is the first time tuna kosana and this is the first incident, may be it’s the first time am hearing about the daughter. We have had our issues for over 10 years.”

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She also advised those dating to take time and learn their partners behaviour and not to marry them expecting them to change.

“Don’t marry a man expecting they them to change. There are some personalities that we are born with that we cannot change. So study the personality of person. Research what are the pros and cons about getting married to the personality. Of course there is no Mr right, there’s no Mrs right.”

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