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Viral KBC reporter Alvin Kaunda opens up on life after instant fame



By Wanja Waweru

Alvin Kaunda, a KBC reporter, gained instant notoriety after a video of him being interrupted by infant elephants went viral.

Alvin, who has only been working in the media for a year, claims that the elephant story was his first significant project.

Alvin expressed his enthusiasm for wildlife conservation in an exclusive interview with a local online publication, stating that the extended drought, which has not spared wildlife, is what motivated him to write a feature story about the effects of the drought on wild creatures as well.

He claims that he has been studying wild creatures since he was a little child and that the success of the viral film has given him the confidence to discuss the advantages of wildlife conservation.


“At least I have a voice, and I’m planning to use it to educate the public about the benefits of wildlife conservation preservation and how we can save them from this severe drought,” Alvin said.

The charming thing about the passionate journalist on wild conservation is that he has been researching the Big 5 animals and plans to dig deeper into them.

“‘I’ve an interest in wildlife. Ever since I was young, I’ve been studying wildlife ever since I was young, especially the Big5. I know almost 95 percent of the Big5 characteristics of the elephant, Leopard, Lion, Rhino, and Buffalo.”

Alvin claims that he got up for his typical daily routine on the day he shot the popular video. His editor gave him the assignment, and he wasn’t prepared for it to be such a hilarious turning point in his career.

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“I’m a wildlife enthusiast and I have always dreamed of becoming a wildlife conservationist and a wildlife journalist. With this ongoing drought in Kenya, I thought that since I love wildlife and I know about Shedrick Wildlife Trust and what they do. So I thought I should do this and seize the opportunity, which is also my first feature story ever since I became a reporter at KBC.”

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