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Vivian Cheruiyot- Help me, my husband has taken firm control of my two petrol stations



Vivian Cheruiyot, a multiple world champion in the 5,000 and 10,000 meters, wants the government to safeguard her fortune against attempts to evict her after winning medals for the nation.

In her plea for assistance, the athlete claims she is afraid her husband, Moses Kiplagat, is planning to deprive her and her children by working with some of his family members, his estranged wife, and a friend.

“My husband is playing some games with my properties. My husband has taken firm control of my two petrol stations (Oslo Petrol Stations) and proceeds from agricultural land, and I can’t earn from them. I don’t even where the title deeds are.

In addition to losing money on her investments from winning numerous well-run races throughout the world, Cheruiyot claims that her spouse has also physically and emotionally abused her. It’s odd that they still share a home in Ilula, a neighborhood outside of Eldoret.

“I am asking the government to help me. I want my property to be safe for the future of my children. I want all documents kept safely in a bank,” she says.

According to Cheruiyot, she was astonished at some point in 2021 when she was had to obtain her husband’s consent before receiving Sh2,000 from rent from her residential properties in Kapsoya. Following the humiliation, she claims she reclaimed management of the residential building in Kapsoya.

“There was a time he beat me up before my son Allan after I asked him to take the children from the previous marriage to their mother (Caroline Kwambai), and that attack disturbs my son,” Cheruiyot adds, further claiming that a former athlete Abraham Chelanga was wrecking her marriage by leaking information to Caroline, her husband’s estranged wife. The three children she wants out of her matrimonial home are aged 26, 24 and 18.

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Cheruiyot was allegedly dealing with unidentified social difficulties when Kiplagat and Chelanga claimed they had not offended her.

According to Cheruiyot, Kiplagat constructed their current Ilula home, which cost Sh70 million, while Cheruiyot was abroad. She believes she stole some of their money throughout the process, while Kiplagat claims he paid for the house with his own money.

She claims that because of family issues, she is not now in a good enough mental state to train.

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