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Waitress in shock after receiving Ksh.355K tip on a Ksh.1500 bill



By Judith Gicobi

To the surprise of his waiteress, a patron at a restaurant in Pennsylvania left a huge $3,000 (about Ksh 355,000) tip on a $13.25 (around Ksh 1500) tab.

On June 16, an out-of-town client named Eric Smith indulged in a freshly made stromboli at Alfredo’s Cafe in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

When it came time to pay for his food, he was so pleased with it and his waitress, Mariana Lambert, that he left her a $3,000 tip.

“When the time came to pay his check, Lambert came into my office with tears in her eyes and shaking, stating a customer was leaving her a $3,000 tip on his $13.25 bill,” said Matt Martini, a manager at Alfredo’s, in a statement shared with CNN.

Smith visited Alfredo’s when another manager, Zachary Jacobson, was there as well. According to Jacobson, the restaurant welcomes patrons from “all walks of life.”

The family-run restaurant’s longest-tenured employee, Jacobson, told CNN that Lambert received the hefty gratuity while he passed by on his day off.

He asked Smith about the motivation for his surprising act of kindness. “He said he was involved in cryptocurrency. He was just trying to give back to the community,” said Jacobson. “He’s originally from the area.”

According to Jacobson, the restaurant had never gotten a tip this big. “I’m happy to see that people are giving back,” he said. “It’s a very hard industry to be involved in, especially during Covid.”

In reference to a social media craze, the client reportedly scribbled “Tips for Jesus” on his credit card receipt, stated Jacobson.

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The expression appears to be a reference to the Instagram account “tipsforjesus,” which has been run for some time by an unidentified person who generously tips on restaurant bills.

Lambert had been working at the restaurant for around two years, and Jacobson said the sizable tip “really helped out” Lambert.

“It’s good to know there’s still good people out there,” he said. “It helped her out a lot.” He hopes that the story helps customers remember “to be kind, and definitely be patient in our industry.”

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