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Watch Larry Madowo struggle to explain sheng word to Idris Sultan



By Wanja Waweru

CNN reporter Larry Madowo has shared a funny video trying to explain to Tanzanian celebrity Idris Sultan what ‘Kuiva nayo’ phrase, that was written on his t-shirt, means.

He wwrote: “Tanzanians create new words, Kenyans create new meanings, we move. Bora uhai. Kiswahili kitukuzwe.” “Tanzanians like @idrissultan are so confused about what my T-shirt means even though it’s in Kiswahili. It’s funny how we’re divided by a common language.”

The words were inscribed on a black t-shirt Madowo was wearing as they hang out in Barra Beach Tanzania.

Idris looks at the t-shirt and tells him that he has it all wrong in Kiswahili. “When I look at this t-shirt I see kuiva then a picture of a jiko, so I assumed it means restaurant because of the cooker,” he said.

Larry explains that in Kenyan it means a girl who is absolutely looking good and attractive.

“Kuiva kwa sheng ya Kenya ni urembo, ukiambia binti eh we umeiva, ni mrembo sana.”

Idris doesn’t buy that explanation saying Kenyans are confused. He suggests that a girl doesn’t have to be ripe to be sweet, that even when raw she is still good. At this point, Larry gave up.

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