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‘We are living on borrowed time,’ Emmy Kosgei mourns death of two close friends



Nigerian based Kenyan artiste Emmy Kosgei is mourning the death of her friends just days after they chatted and prayed together.

Taking to her Instagram to share the sad news, Kosgei hinted that the deceased had been ailing for some time and they hoped she would make it.

‘Just saddened since I received the news that you are no more!😭 we chatted and prayed a few days ago we were very optimistic and full of faith that you will pull through…😪😔 you were very special to me and many other people .. thank you for holding my hand … for cheering me! You and your wonderful sisters are amazing human beings… my prayers and condolences to her excellency @sarahtunai #saima and you entire family, the Boits and my fellow Daughters of Baringo #DOB 😭 mutyo missing .. rest in power my dearest senge @famboit you’ve gone to join #clad rest at the bosom of our lord.we are truly living on borrowed time!

Emmy Kosgei mourning

It has not yet been established what illness the deceased was ailing from.

Below are condolence messages to the family

Tiger Chemirmir: Fam Boit was a great Lady who did a lot to the community. May God give the family and friends the strength from Heaven.

Frida Murungi: So sorry for the loss, rest in divine peace our dear sisters in faith.

Caleb Korir: We are in Shock and Disbelieve as a Family but tumewachia yote Mungu they will be missed.

Brian Chomboso sorry for the loss. May family and friends experience grace and comfort from God.

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