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“We Are Not Stealing Husbands,” Female Barbers Defend Themselves



By Judith Gicobi

As more young females jump into the barbershop pool to make quick cash or establish a profession, the female barbers phenomenon is swiftly spreading across the country.

Mwende is a female barber who recently became popular on Twitter after her barbershop commercials captured the attention of the public on Twitter.

Mwende is the owner of the Man’s Chamber Barber Shop, which is located along the Eastern Bypass and has been open for two weeks, making quite a stir online.

“I’m sexy, I’m fabulous. I’m confident with my body. A woman is beautiful, Kwa nini tufiche, and it has worked for this business. Men love seeing nice things. Nani anataka kwenda kunyolewa alafu unashikwa na mikono ngumu. it’s better to come here, you’re pampered. Soft hands, soft voices. You relax. We don’t allow women here so your wife won’t find you.”



Mwende’s Man’s Chamber Kinyozi has sparked debate, with some referring to it as a disguised brothel, which Mwende quickly refutes.

“This is not a brothel. Let me correct people that think that this is a brothel. This is not a brothel. It’s just a grooming den for Kings where they are served by African maidens.”

Aside from haircuts, they also provide full-body massages. Manicures and pedicures.  Facials for men’s faces and full body scrubs.

The feisty businesswoman has refuted claims that she’s in market of separating men from their girlfriends and spouses and that she is just looking after the male gender.

“If you don’t want your husband to come here, wash his feet when he comes home, give him a massage when he comes home and look pretty. Otherwise, he’ll come here and we’ll serve him, we’ll pamper him, we’ll groom him up. You should be thanking us, actually, because we’re doing the work that you’re not.”

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“We are focused. We are just here to do our work. We are not here to take people’s husband. We are not here to make the wives feel bad. We are just here to make you guys comfortable. Good. Happy. Good looking.”

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