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‘We expected 150,000k subs,’ Akorino twins stunt fails



By Wanja Waweru

The Akorino twins have revealed that nothing good had come out their online stunt save for the hate from netizens.

“Hatujapata anything good out of the whole thing, hakuna opportunity zimekam, ata watch time ya YouTube hatujapata.”

Peter, Emily’s fiancé, noted that before the video went up, they were at 200 subscribers and had now steadily grown to over 3K.

“Before we went online with the story, we had less than 200 subscribers, and currently we are at 3.3K.”

In late September, Peter and Teddy Kimathi also known as Akorino twins, shocked people after claiming they were dating the same woman, Emily.

The pregnant woman had told YouTuber Nicholas Kioko that she was dating twins and had no idea who is the father of her child is.

Now, Peter is crying foul. He has stated it was disappointing because they had anticipated at least 150,000 subscriptions from the public stunt.

“We were expecting ifike 200,000k subs, 13o, 000k au 150,000k subs ikienda chini sana, considering ilijulikana kila place.”

He went on to say that he regretted having come up with the idea because it had not been worth the effort.

“I regret that we pulled the stunt, we have never been negatively affected in our lives as we have experienced the past few months. First, tumepata hatred ile mbaya to the extent we have lost friends. Secondly, iyo hatred ya online imetuaffect sana sana juu hiyo matusi ilikuwa mingi na hatukuwa tunaexpect, ata after tumesema ni clout, hawakuamini.”

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