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“We slept together on our first date“ Risper Faith shares unknown details about relationship with hubby, Brian



Women/girls from this generation have been taught about the 90-day rule, but trust me – it’s actually a rule many don’t follow, and for those who do – they might be very much single! Just saying.

Anyway…there are women like Risper Faith who don’t mind dishing it out; not to everyone and luckily for her this is how she managed to bag a husband. That is judging from her interview she did with Jalang’o just a few hours ago.

Speaking about how she met her hubby, Brian – Risper Faith says the fella sent her a DM on Instagram; and just like that their relationship began and became serious online for a couple of months.

First Date

However having promised to come to Kenya from Kentucky, USA – Risper says she waited for this man for months; not knowing whether he would accept her for who she is – considering she was living in Thindigua and the apartment wasn’t up to his standards , so she thought.

However, just as planned Risper says Brayo jetted into the country and went straight at to her apartment.

“He came to my house straight from the airport. I had cooked ugali with chicken but it was so soupy so she refused to eat and asked us to order takeout. Cockroaches were just roaming in my house as I had no fridge.”

Talks about their first time

Judging from how Risper narrates her first experience with Brian; she sounds that she or rather had it all planned out.

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Speaking to Jalang’o, the mother of one said;

Eeh alilala huko. Nilikuwa nimenunua duvet ya pink nimeosha na sta soft weeeuh, alilala. Sister yangu aliniukiza yaani huyu alitoka US na amekuja kulala Thindigua basi huyu mtu anakupenda sana.

(yes he slept over the first night. Infact I had just bought a pink duvet and washed it clean for us. My sister seeing that he wanted to sleep over; she then assured me that this man must have been really in love with me.)


Aaah hiyo siku ni seal na nikasign kila kitu

Meaning she did not hold back from giving her man the best night of his life, and look – he ended up marrying her later on.


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