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Do you aspire to study and work in the United States? Your journey does not have to be nerve wracking because the Kenya Airlift Program has everything planned for you. The main goal of establishing this program was to enable willing Kenyan students to relocate to the United States, study, and acquire legal documents to live and work there permanently.

Most of our African kin make less money than people of other races, especially Indians. To live the American Dream, you must earn at least a six-figure monthly salary (which is very possible when you strategically place yourself in a strategic industry). As someone who has worked in one of the strategic industries, the tech industry, I can almost assure you that if you have the right skills, you can make the American dream a reality for yourself. The program will assist you in finding well-paying tech jobs and will place you exactly where you need to be for success in the United States.

The underpinned video provides detailed insights on the issue.

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