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We’ll meet you head on, Ruto warns Raila on demos



Even though calls for caution dominated the 58th Labor Day celebrations, President William Ruto yesterday maintained a firm stance over the Opposition’s intentions to organize large-scale protests today, promising not to let the rallies.

The President chastised the leaders of the Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Coalition Party, warning them that their ambitions would be met by a government ready to defend Kenyans’ lives, homes, and enterprises.

Even though Azimio leader Raila Odinga insisted that the protest gatherings would be peaceful and that no property would be damaged, this still occurred. He declared that they would submit petitions to the National Treasury, the Independent Boundaries and Electoral Commission (IEBC), and the Office of the President.

In a no holds barred speech, the President said he would not bow to pressure from leaders who want to force him to “share the government”. He said he had agreed to bi-partisan talks in Parliament with Azimio leaders.

“We also know what democracy looks like and what human rights are. It has nothing to do with violence, anarchy, destruction of properties and people’s businesses,” said Dr Ruto.

His firm attitude was a far cry from the demeanor he had assumed when he mounted the podium at 1.15pm on the same field where, last June, former President Uhuru Kenyatta embarrassed him by shunning him during Madaraka Day celebrations.

He had offered the workers a helping hand, rallying them to collaborate closely with his administration for the good of the nation. He declared that no Kenyan would face prejudice because of their voting behavior.

“Let’s work together and deliver to Kenyans, saying bygones be bygones. I don’t have problems with you even though most of you opposed me in the elections,” said Dr Ruto.

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