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Who is who? Kenyans perplexed as Wajackoyah meets his Look-Alike



By Judith Gicobi

George Wajackoyah, presidential candidate and the Roots Party leader, finally got to meet Gordon Otieno Owino, his lookalike from Oyugis, Homa Bay county.

After Gordon became popular on social media on Friday, the two got together on Saturday afternoon in Nairobi. Owino, who has adopted Wajackoyah’s dress sense, received diverse responses online after his images trended online.

However, most Kenyans were unable to distinguish between the two when they met on Saturday because they all shared similar traits and physical attributes.

After the meeting, Owino said he had already begun his campaign for the leader of the roots party. As a result of their apparent likeness, he said that the people pressured him to act like Wajackoyah.

Before Wajackoyah got into the spotlight, he claimed he was leading a quiet life, not until his friends persuaded him to start dressing like the presidential candidate, including donning dark sunglasses and a durag on his head.

However, he added that the majority of people mistake him for Wajackoyah while he is campaigning for the leader of the party at the grassroots and have even gone so far as to demand money from him despite the fact that he has no funding for campaigns.

“When I tell them that I am not Wajackoyah, they usually insist that Iam the one. Some have even gone ahead to demand some money (handouts) from me, which I don’t have. They have also demanded that I give them bhang, though I dont smoke or engage in any bhang business,” stated Owino.

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