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Why Citizen TV made Ferdinand Omondi quit acting on Tahidi High



By Wanja Waweru

Ferdinand Omondi, a BBC correspondent, has disclosed his reasons for leaving Tahidi High as an actor.

The journalist revealed in a recent YouTube interview with Jikoni time with Obayi’s section “On My Couch” that he was given the option of choosing between working as a Citizen TV reporter or an actor for the same TV network.

This resulted from competing interests.

“When I was confirmed at Citizen TV as a reporter, I was still acting at Tahidi High and there was a clash between Mule the character and myself as the media personality,” he told the host Patrick Obayi.

Being an actor meant he couldn’t be a reporter due to clashing schedules.

His editors forced him to choose between reporting for the station and shooting the program on the days he was supposed to do both.

“I did not want to leave Tahidi High but there was an ultimatum and I had to quit the show,” he stated.

Omondi noted that he wanted to leave the show on a high as he had been nominated for an award the years Chaguo La Teeniz Awards but that did not materialize.

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