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Why comedian Njugush no longer wears his wedding ring



Njugush, a stage name for Timothy Kimani, has revealed why he quit wearing his wedding ring at a Nairobi event.

The stand-up comic, who is wed to Celestine Ndinda, admitted that he misplaced the ring on the set.

Njugush mentioned that he’s thinking about obtaining another one soon in a media interview during the premiere of Hello Mr. Right Season 3.

Njugush also shared that before he became famous, the money he earned from acting was not enough to buy anything significant.

“For Sh2,800 you can just ice cream today. Or you buy a ring. By the way, I lost my ring. It got lost while acting,” he said. He added that he got his ring for only 2500 shillings at Luthuri Avenue, and it’s written inside Cele.

At the event, Njugush also shared his experience with the dating show and that he’s learning to be romantic

“I was not taught how to be romantic. God’s favor has been on my side,” he said.

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