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Why it is a really wise idea to invest Along Kangundo Road



Over the last few years, Kangundo and its environs have been witnessing remarkable growth. This is attributed to the high influx of people settling in the area. New small satellite towns like Joska, Kamulu, Ruai, and Malaa are mushrooming which is a positive sign for real estate investors.

This is why Mahiga Homes is presenting you with packages to own your property. RockVilla Prestige Estate and Ruby Gardens 2 projects are comprised of modern 3-bedroom master ensuite bungalows in gated estates in a serene location in Joska along Kangundo Road.

Here are 5 Key reasons why you should invest along Kangundo Road.

  1. Proximity to the capital’s Central Business District (CBD)

Kangundo is strategically located in the suburbs of Nairobi City which makes it an ideal area for investment. With the recent wave of city dwellers seeking serene areas to live in, Kangundo offers a better alternative. It is for this reason that the middle working class is opting to move to areas along Kangundo Road.

  1. Superb infrastructure development

Roads are well tarmacked and accessible. The ongoing upgrade of Kangundo Road to a dual carriage is set to elevate further the value of the real estate in the area. The area is also well served with electricity, water, and sewer lines. As a result, the number of residential properties coming up is steadily increasing.

  1. Expected high growth

With billions of money being pumped into the area by both county and national governments in various projects, prices of land are set to skyrocket. Coupled with Kenya’s fast-growing urban population, it is anticipated that small towns are going to experience record growth. Furthermore, the area has attracted the attention of foreign investors who are considering investing in real estate.

  1. Available social amenities
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Kangudo road enjoys new modern social amenities that rival those offered in the City of Nairobi. Besides, the area is replete with high-class affordable recreational facilities. They range from parks, restaurants, and choma zones to rough road trip roads.

  1. Fast-growing town centers

The aforementioned satellite towns of Ruai, Kamulu, Joska, and Malaa provide fertile ground for small businesses to flourish. This is because people settling in will need construction materials, food, and other basics. Also, employment in the area is likely to go up as a huge labor force is required to build infrastructure.

Tremendous growth is expected along Kangundo Road. Don’t wait for this opportunity to pass by, as low as Ksh.5.75 million with a deposit of Ksh.1.85 million you can realize your dream of owning a home. For further information about RockVilla Prestige call Mahiga Homes through: +254 710 830 762 or +254 726 202 876. You can email them through: Or visit their website

Article By Joseph Macharia

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