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Why Justina Wamae begged for a Government job like a ‘commoner’ after elections



Presidential election running-mate Justina Wamae has confessed to begging the Kenya Kwanza government for a job.

The Roots Party runner  said that many Kenyans have been asking her if she indeed asked for a job after the August 9 elections.

Yes, I did. It is common practice to ask, beg, seek, and knock on doors for anything in Kenya including a job. My case is not unique,” she said while answering the frequently asked question on Facebook.

She said that she did it knowing that the power to give rests with the giver of the job.

“I am aware that you have to remember those who were with you in the trenches. So I support that loyalists should be rewarded,” she said.

After all, Wamae said, Kenya wants leaders who don’t go back on their words.

Additionally, I was running mate to serve the nation but I am a businesswoman and what I make is enough for me and my family hence my not getting the job to serve the nation doesn’t mean that am dying, she said.

She said the Lord has been and is still gracious to her and her family.

“The issue at hand is that the government that was birthed is not doing what they promised Kenyans,” she said.

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