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Why Kenyan Students Find it Difficult to get a Job in the US



It is commonly known that the Kenyan curriculum typically provides students who pass through it with academic papers but no meaningful job skills. Students find it challenging to adapt to the job market quickly because they lack the necessary work experience. This is worsened when such a student arrives in the United States, which has a highly competitive, skills-based job market.

Here's why the job market is strong despite the weakening economy - WorkLife

When you don’t have the skills but want to live and work in the United States after graduating, this market can be unforgiving. Most students find themselves stuck between a rock and a hard place, uncertain what to do with their academic papers. This is why Bob Mwiti founded Appstec America, which teaches immigrants top-notch job skills, and co-founded the Kenya Airlift program, which enables Kenyan students to study and eventually make their way seamlessly into the lucrative labor market in the US.

The underpinned video provides detailed insights into the matter.

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