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Why Men at 65 Risk getting Prostate Cancer



By Shadrack Nyakoe

Famous Cancer expert who is also the proprietor of Texas cancer center Dr. Catherine Nyongesa has sounded alarm over the increased cases of prostate cancer in the country.

Nyongesa speaking to Kenya Satellite News today said that most men at the age of 65 years and above are at high risk of contradicting prostate cancer and urged on the importance of screening among other preventions ways.

“The risk of prostate cancer increases with age, especially after age 50. Around 60% of prostate cancers are diagnosed in people who are 65 years. Older people at these age need to take precaution including talking to health experts to avert the problem, screening, checking on diet among other things,” she advised.

She also said that prostate cancer can also be contracted because of race, family history, agent exposure and even eating habits.

“No study has proven that diet and nutrition can directly cause or prevent the development of prostate cancer. However, many studies that look at links between certain eating behaviors and cancer suggest there may be a connection. For example, obesity is associated with many cancers, including prostate cancer and a healthy diet to avoid weight gain is recommended,” she said.

She added that prostate cancer can also originate from the family and the risks can even increase.

“Prostate cancer that runs in a family, called familial prostate cancer, makes up about 20% of all prostate cancers. This type of prostate cancer develops because of a combination of shared genes and shared environmental or lifestyle factors. If someone has a first-degree relative—meaning a parent, sibling, or child—with prostate cancer, their risk of developing prostate cancer is 2 to 3 times higher than the average risk. This risk increases even,” she added.

On the prevention of the disease, Nyongesa said that Researchers continue to look into the factors that cause prostate cancer, including ways to prevent it.

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She said that Kenyan population was increasing and the number of those dying from the disease was increasing too hence urging both the county and National government to act.

“Kenyan population is aging and increasing in size. As a result, the numbers of people diagnosed with and dying of cancer are increasing. The county Government has clear roles in the control of cancer. It is widely appreciated that much of the research that has defined the causes and treatment of cancer was, and is, government funded. Less appreciated, the body of work about how to control cancer shows the importance of an environment that encourages individuals to adopt healthy behaviours, and the government has a vitally important role,” she said.

‘’Through regulation, education, and support programmes, governments can create an environment in which tobacco use is reduced and citizens maintain good levels of physical activity, healthy bodyweight, and good nutrition,” she further added

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