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Why Njambi Koikai is thankful to her high school teacher 15 years later



Celebrated radio personality Njambi Koikai has taken to social media to narrate part of the challenges she went through while in high school. Posting a photo of herself posing with her former teacher, Jahmby, as she is popularly referred to, narrated how she battled with identity crisis while growing up as a teenager.

She divulged that she went to so many schools but finally settled in one where she met the teacher identified as Mr. Ocholi.

“I’ve always shared my high school journey. It was rough. Coupled with a serious identity crisis, trying to find myself and stay grounded got me lost in so many things. I went to so many schools and settled in one last school that proved to be the last chance I had since my parents were tired of my shenanigans,” she wrote in part.

Posing for a picture together after being apart for over a decade and a half, Jahmby who also doubles up as a musician, further revealed that Mr. Ocholi was a very understanding English and Literature teacher back in the day.

“This was my class teacher in my last year of high school before A-Levels. He taught me English and Literature. Mr. Ocholi was the most understanding, calm, observant and youthful teacher, so he understood his students better,” she added.

Reminiscing a day during her high school days when Mr. Ocholi gave her a wake-up call, Jahmby admitted that she was a mischievous student but eventually took the advice of her teacher.

“I was struggling and he called me for a meeting one day and said to me, ‘I know you’re struggling. This is the last year of high school. Just make sure you get grades to go to Uni’. I was a crazy kid but I listened to Mr. Ocholi. I did all I could. Managed to get into A-levels and I quit,” she wrote.

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Adding: “I never saw Mr.Ocholi again until a few days ago. 15 years later after high school, we reconnected while he was in town. We looked back and remembered how easy life was. Truly adulting came with no manual lol. God is good. Once a teacher, always a teacher. Mr. Ocholi is still teaching kids and what a joy to reconnect. Great teacher,” she concluded.


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