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Woman in court for allegedly drugging husband, robbing him of Sh240,000



A 22-year-old woman was charged with allegedly drugging her spouse and using M-Pesa to transfer Sh240,000 from his account to herself and her aunt.

Along with her aunt Esther Wambui and uncle Peter Kariuki Mwaura, Ms. Caroline Wangui Wanjiku was accused of conspiring to conduct a felony in violation of Section 393 of the Penal Code.

Francis Macharia Ndung’u lived in Kayole in Nairobi, and the three are suspected of conspiring to steal from him on February 21 of this year.

In addition to being charged with drugging to conduct a crime, Ms. Wanjiku was also accused of giving Mr. Ndung’u a drug on the same day.

The three suspects were accused of collectively robbing Mr. Ndung’u in violation of Sections 268 of the Penal Code and 275 of the Criminal Procedure Code in the third count

On February 20th, Mr. Ndung’u and Ms. Wanjiku were at their rented home where they briefly argued about allegations of infidelity before going to sleep.

The next morning, when the accuser awoke, his wife was gone from the home. She had taken their young kid and a housekeeper with her.

She didn’t answer his calls when he tried to reach her.

The Sh240,000 had been sent to his wife’s phone number, according to his M-Pesa account verification.

Before going to the Kayole police station to report the incident, Mr. Ndung’u visited a hospital.

According to police investigations, Ms. Wanjiku first transferred the money to herself before sending some of it to her aunt Wambui, who then transferred it to her spouse, Mr. Mwaura

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On February 21, Mr. Mwaura withdrew the money from a hospital and put it into Ms. Wanjiku’s bank account. After the investigation was complete, the authorities located them all and detained them.

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