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Woman removed from wedding WhatsApp group for saying ‘it will end in tears”



A woman identified as Kiga Bae has surprised people online after narrating that her friend who is getting married removed her from a WhatsApp group for talking down on her relationship.

She complained after she was ejected from a wedding group. Photo: @kigabae2.
Kiga was removed from a Whatsapp group by the bride. Photo:@kigabae2.
Source: Twitter

What she told the bride

She explained that she was only joking and did not expect the bride to react the way she did.

This is what she posted on her social media.

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“I just said “it will end in tears” jokingly and the bride removed me from the wedding WhatsApp group.”

Her sentiments got people reacting and applauding the bride for removing any negative comments before her D-Day.

Social media users react

Here are some of the reactions from social media users:

@IvixDioKioi said:

“Haha I would too. Anyway, respond with a screen shot and we will determine.”

@nurse_thapelo added:

“Sometimes jealousy comes in-jokes, I’m glad the Bride paid attention.”

@Mikky46930457 commented:

“She did well. I’d do the same if I were in her shoes.”

@Dave said:

“Now, go for the bridegroom and make those tears a reality.”

@FanaMatimba said:

“A text is different from talking, it is easy to pick up a joke when talking to someone compared to a text message.”

@catherinecathy said:

“That’s what you deserve.”

@saadshante7 commented:

“You have survived contributing though.”

@leonaverione added:

“Weddings are a sign of insecurity. I said that when we were on campus and almost all my friends have not invited me.”


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