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Woman sues Speaker Ken Lusaka in paternity case



A woman who claims to be pregnant for Senate Speaker Kenneth Lusaka now wants him to take responsibility for his unborn baby.

The woman has moved to court in order to compel Lusaka to accept responsibility for their alleged unborn child.

The woman has also asked the court to order the speaker to pay Sh25 million for child support.

“Pending hearing and determination of the petition, Lusaka be ordered to support the unborn child by making a lump sum payment of Sh 25 million or any other reasonable amount in the circumstances which should meet the direct and indirect needs of the unborn child and after it’s birth,” reads court papers.

Lawyer Danstan Omari says his client and Lusaka have been in a jolly intimate affair punctuated with several instances of unprotected carnal knowledge since 2018 up until about two months ago (May 2021) when they disagreed strongly after she disclosed to him that as a consequence of their unprotected sexual encounters, she had conceived a child.

“The cause of their disagreement was exacerbated by Lusaka’s insistence on terminating the pregnancy, a proposal that the applicant declined to accede to and now she is three months pregnant and counting since she discovered that she was expectant of Lusaka’s child as she has not been intimate with any other man other than the respondent, a fact that can be confirmed through a prenatal paternity test,” reads court papers.

According to court documents, Lusaka despite being a man of means, has refused, neglected and ignored to take care of her pre-natal clinics necessary to ensure the wellbeing of the unborn child perhaps in the hope of stressing the applicant and causing a miscarriage of their unborn child.

Omari claims that she has been going through pregnancy complications that potentially threaten the life of their unborn child if unmitigated and largely because she is unable to financially meet the cost of the hospitals that guarantee expectant women the highest standard of health commensurate to the class and statute of the senate speaker.

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“Lusaka’s defiant and brazen refusal to accept responsibility and assist the applicant to access esteemed hospitals capable of giving her highest standard of prenatal care threaten the life of their unborn child and is, therefore, in sharp contravention with the constitutional safeguards of life which begins at conception,” reads court documents.

He claims that Lusaka has consistently rejected his association with the pregnancy despite his full knowledge that they have been having unprotected carnal knowledge together for years now instead of subjecting himself to a scientific examination in order to put his doubts to flight.

Omari argues that his client being unemployed and the pregnancy being a high-risk one, and of a child that would possibly rise to the position of the Speaker of the Senate, the position its father has risen in the governance of the Republic of Kenya, or even higher in the leadership of this Country, her maintenance needs are of national importance and priority by all standards

Justice James Makau on Monday morning certified the matter as urgent and directed the woman to serve Lusaka.

The case will be heard on July 7.

By Mpasho

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