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Woman thrown from second floor of city lodging



By Wanja Waweru

Following an incident with a male, a middle-aged woman was tossed from the second floor of a hotel and is now recovering from damaged limbs.

At before 6 am on Monday, staff members at the Kamukunji trading center informed police that a man and woman had reserved a room on the second floor.

The attendants heard screaming and commotion coming from the room a short while later.

After hearing a bang on the ground floor, they realized it was the woman after verifying.

The woman explained to the staff that her companion had forced her out of the room during an altercation.

By that time, the suspect had snuck out of the room and was somewhere else.

The hurt person was taken urgently to Mama Lucy Hospital.

Police said they have not yet spoken with her.

Police chief in Nairobi, Adamson Bungei, said they are waiting for her to get better before questioning her.

“She is alive and we wait for her to recover to give us more information,” he said.

“We are also interrogating the attendants at the lodging as part of the probe into the incident.”