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World Radio Day: Celebrating Kenya’s biggest radio stars



February 13, 2022 marks the 11th commemoration of World Radio Day and Kenya is one of the countries with a wide and engaged radio audience.

This can be attributed to the talents behind the mic who have cultivated and grown audiences over years, building a loyal fan base and high-worth radio personalities.

It is not uncommon to see radio presenters poached by rival stations, carrying their loyal fans with them wherever they land.

While commemorating the day, UNESCO noted: “This unique ability to reach out to the widest audience means radio can shape a society’s experience of diversity, stand as an arena for all voices to speak out, be represented and heard. Radio stations should serve diverse communities, offering a wide variety of programs, viewpoints and content, and reflect the diversity of audiences in their organizations and operations.”

Radio presenter Maina Kageni and comedian Churchill Ndambuki ‘King’ang’i’ have shaped the culture for morning radio in Kenya.

Perhaps the longest-running radio duo, Maina and King’ang’i deserve recognition for their ability to shape conversations and giving a voice to the ordinary Kenyan.

Maina and King’ang’i (Courtesy)

“Let me tell you Maina…” has become pop-culture lingo and probably the best way to begin any narration of life experiences in Nairobi.

Radio Jambo‘s “Gidi na Ghost Asubuhi” show has gained popularity and a cultic following for their popular Patanisho segment.

Radio Jambo presenters Gidi Gidi and Jacob ‘Ghost’ Mulee

Dholuo rapper Gidi Gidi and former Harambee Stars coach Jacob ‘Ghost’ Mulee have proved to be a winning combination, using radio for social impact while promoting use of Swahili.

Whether with comedian Felix Odiwuor ‘Jalang’o’ or with media personality Andrew Kibe, Kamene Goro has cemented her spot as Kenya’s modern radio queen.

We first met on Tinder – Kiss FM’s Kamene Goro and Andrew Kibe reveal

Kamene and Kibe became a star breakfast duo as NRG Radio started up, they would later be poached by rival station Kiss 100. Their departure from NRG and the lawsuit that followed propelled them to greater fame in 2019.

Jalang’o and Kamene Goro

She and Jalang’o have gone on to make a high-value duo as well, using radio to keep Kenya’s youngest listeners engaged with the medium.

The jingle to Tina Ogal and Munai Generali’s Radio Citizen‘s evening show is a familiar one to many Kenyans. Ms Ogal took the mispronunciation of her name and made it her gateway into many matatu radios during the evening rush hour.

Hats off to Tina and Munai for using radio to promote the use of Swahili and highlighting the realities of Kenyans outside the capital.

Radio Citizen presenters Tina Ogal and Munai Generali

‘Mbusii na Lion teketeke’ is a commonly known phrase associated with former street urchin Mbusii and his co-host Lion Deh.

The duo makes for an exciting representation of Kenya’s urban street culture and perhaps the greatest contributor to the growing appreciation of Kenyan slang, Sheng’.

Radio Jambo presenters Mbusii and Lion Dey in studio

The two have used radio to promote free expression, health awareness and advocacy, as well as responsible living among Kenyan youth.

Kameme FM presenters Gatonye wa Mbugua and Mzee Kiengei have made a name with their morning show on the vernacular radio station.

Kameme FM presenters Gatonye wa Mbugua and Muthee Kiengei wa Watoria

Discussions around the community’s interests and high-profile interviews have made their show one of significance.

Another winning combination from Kameme FM are Man Saimo and his co-host Katta.

The Mambo Mseto duo continues to entertain fans every weekday afternoon with a carefully selected mix of East African hits and engaging celebrity interviews.

Radio Citizen ‘Mambo Mseto’ presenters Mzazi W M Tuva and Selli Kadot

Mwalimu Rachel has been a fun fixture in Kenyan radio from her days at Homeboyz Radio and she’s continued to build her brand at NRG Radio with DJ Xclusive as her co-host.

NRG Radio presenter Mwalimu Rachel

Milele FM presenter Francis Luchivya has formed the better half of winning combinations with actress Jacqueline Nyaminde ‘Wilbroda’ and with comedian Captain Otoyo.

Francis Luchivya

Another memorable duo from Milele FM was Swahili radio host Alex Mwakideu and comedian MCA Tricky.

Mwakideu and comedian Jalang’o have also gone on to become a fan-favourite pair.

MCA Tricky shows up at Milele FM studios as he gears up to join Alex Mwakideu (Photo)

With over 20 years on Kenyan radio, Fareed Khimani has entertained generations of Capital FM listeners and continues to work magic with whoever joins him on the morning show.

Fareed Khimani

Winning pair-ups with Fareed have included his time with Amina Rabar, actor Maqbul and presently with Davina Leonard.


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