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You can now charge you phone in Nairobi for free



Kenyans visiting the capital city can now charge their mobile phones – and for free.

The charging booths lined along Luthuli Avenue in Nairobi are the latest additions put in place to change the face of Kenya’s most populous business street.

They are the brainchild of Keith Migiro, who was tired of being stranded each time his phone runs out of power while running errands in the Central Business District (CBD).

Free charging booths

The free charging booths are three meters tall, have a solar plate sitting on their roof to power their ‘engine’ and ensure charging is never interrupted. There are sockets for plugging in the phones.

Phone charging is a universal concern – especially when you find yourself outdoors. This is what prompted Migiro to start scratching his head for a solution.

He seems to have found a solution – with many Kenyans using the street now flocking to enjoy the free service.

“I decided to put up a free charging booth after enduring a nasty experience while in town. I am sure many people with smartphones often undergo similar experience,” Migiro said.

Recounting an incident – the proverbial last straw that broke his camel back – Migiro who is an entrepreneur remembers  how he lost an important client after his phone ran out of charge in the middle of Nairobi.

The phones are plugged into the socket.

The base of the charging mast adopts the wide base octagon shape to allow enough space for those who want to sit and charge their phones.

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“We settled on Luthuli Avenue because it is a busy area even though we are setting up 15 others on other streets in Nairobi.

“Luthuli is not notorious as people perceive. The booth has been there for two weeks, and the feedback is overwhelming. That is why we are going countrywide,” he added

Migiro is managing the project with the support of Nairobi Metropolitan Service (NMS).

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