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You will need Covid-19 vaccination certificate to enter supermarkets, banks




You will need to show proof of vaccination before accessing any public spaces in the county, Ministry says.

The Ministry of Health’s decision was reached after the National Emergency Response Committee noticed a significant increase of new Covid-19 infections and the positivity rate in December 2021.

In a press briefing on behalf of Health CS, Dr Mercy Mwangangi, the CAS said the state would recognise all vaccine brands approved by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

“One must show proof of vaccination (A Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate) before accessing public spaces including national parks, game reserves, bars, hotels, restaurants as well as during the use of public transport services,” Mwangangi stated.

Her sentiments came a day when the positivity rate had just gone up by 1.9 per cent from yesterday’s 27.8 per cent.

“One will also be required to show proof of vaccination when visiting licensed hotels, restaurants and cafes that offer table services. These guidelines also apply to bars, pubs, lounges, wineries, breweries and distilleries,” she added.

Apart from emphasising the need for visitors from Europe to be fully vaccinated and provide proof of vaccination, Mwangangi also issued a stern warning against non-compliance with the new directives.

“In the event of non-compliance, action shall be taken which may include withdrawal of licenses or institution of court proceedings,” she warned.

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