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YouTuber Mama Olive lashes out at netizens for mom shaming her



By Wanja Waweru

Creator of online content Tatiana Karanja, better known as Mama Olive, has blasted trolls who had been harassing her for bringing her 4-month-old child to weekly meeting.

On her Instagram stories Mama Olive posted a video about who had been in her DM’s being assistant moms all while cradling little Nova ( her last born) as a form of ” in your face” I’m not putting my child down act.

” I have gotten a lot of different messages about me going to the meeting with Nova and I want to share them with guys and get your perspective because I feel so passionate about this.

I feel passionate and I feel like something needs to be done about us moms. Being able to be a mom and be in the workspace and get our jobs done excellently without it being a problem.” Ranted off the mother of three.

She posted one of the remarks that had offended her and noted that she thought it was quite disrespectful.

The user commented: ” why not leave her with the nanny? Why do you insist on bringing her everywhere so that you can look like you are a super mum while you are exposing her to unsafe environments?

What for? I have seen you have a nanny, why not leave her with the nanny .”

Responding to it Mama Olive said, ” this truly did upset me because I’m not putting up an act. I’m not trying to look like a super mom, the things I have to do to put on my kids’ table are a necessity.

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If my life could be easier would be great. I don’t even know why I felt the need to defend myself.”

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